Pacific Coast Boxing is back with a very heavy hearted round 9 commemorating host Alfonso Ruiz’s dad passing. We get you caught up with the phenomenal action that’s taken place, Wood vs. Lara, Nery vs. Hovannisyan, Paul vs. Fury. Also, all of the fights that are coming to fruition – Davis vs. Garcia, and a big month of August.  Louie Lopez back in action in Ontario! Plus the rest of the boxing news covered by the most entertaining, insightful, and educated boxing hosts on the planet – Alfonso and Rick. Real fight fans talking real boxing. Protect yourself at all times!

Protect yourself at all times! Finally – Real boxing fans talking real boxing – everything you need to know about the world of boxing from back in the day all the way to today’s champions, contenders and up and comers. Our focus is on the fighters, their story, their dedication, they are the star of our show. Fighters in your backyard to across the pond. Stimulating boxing discussions that will inform and entertain, along with talking to boxers and a myriad of personnel to get you ready to talk boxing at any level! Get your boxing fix right here with Alfonso Ruiz and Rick Prado – the ultimate podcast for real boxing fans!

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